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PRO TIER  / Cattle

The association for cattle breeding in Austria will again present the races Simmental, Brown Swiss and Holstein this year with around 80 exhibition animals and consulting booths of the cattle association, the Chamber of Agriculture of Upper Austria, cattle market, the ZAR and LfL. The exhibition under the motto „Rund ums Rind“ (all about cattle) offers visitors the opportunity to inform themselves extensively about the cattle.

On Saturday, the stage will be free for our Austrian young breeders. This unique platform provides a social meeting place to promote the exchange - coupled with a lot of fun in agriculture. As part of a demonstration competition, the young breeders will surprise the


Wed, 30 Nov
11.30 Uhr Opening with chart of all races
12.00 Uhr Judges Simmental
13.30 Uhr Presentation of progeny groups
14.30 Uhr Ceremony

Thu, 01 Dec
11.30 Uhr Opening with chart of all races
12.00 Uhr Conformation appraisal, Brown cattle & Holstein
14.00 Uhr Ceremony
15.00 Uhr Presentation Simmental

Fri, 02 Dec
10.00 - 15.00 Uhr Animal evaluation contest of agricultural schools

Sat, 03 Dec
10.00 - 12.00 Uhr ÖJV - Bundesländercup
15.00 Uhr Breed presentation

PRO TIER  / Cattle