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This is where you meet your target group

At Agraria 2020 you can expect trade visitors from a variety of backgrounds, eager to buy.
The one thing they have in common is that they are inspired by Agraria!
  • 87% of the visitors are very satisfied or satisfied
  • 16% of the visitors come from neighbouring foreign countries and this underlines the significance of the Trade Fair as a leading international Trade Fair.
  • A large proportion of company managers secure a high degree of decision-making power in the visitors
  • Visitors from all business sectors in agriculture and forestry
  • Visitors from businesses of all sizes – from small organic farmers to large agricultural concerns
  • Visitors are both full-time and part-time farmers

Source: SurveyMonkey, Visitor Survey 2016

Federal States days – address our target groups directly

On these days, the particular focus is on guests from the individual federal states, especially Bavaria and South Tyrol.
Take advantage of the presence of the representative for the relevant area and talk directly to your potential customers.

Dates Federal State days:

Thursday, 26.11.2020
Carinthia, Salzburg
Friday, 27.11.2020
Lower Austria, Vienna, Burgenland
Saturday, 28.11.2020
Tyrol, Styria, Vorarlberg, South Tyrol, BavariaMeet your target group